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My name is Wendy Urquhart, VP of Business Development at Taradel.

Established and emerging franchises, agencies and associations have worked with us for years to help:

  • Drive new customer acqusition
  • Promote grand openings and special events
  • Make local marketing easier and more affordable
  • Increase brand awareness and maintain brand integrity

I would love to speak with you about your organization’s current marketing goals and share the ways we can help you achieve them. To schedule a brief discovery call, just call me at 804-298-3689 or send an email to .

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Wendy Urquhart | Vcard
Business Development
Taradel, LLC
4805 Lake Brook Drive, Suite 140
Glen Allen, VA 23060


Empower your team members

Provide your team members with the ability to launch local-level marketing campaigns 24/7.
  • Enforce brand and quality control
  • 100% all-inclusive production and fulfillment
  • Incentivize marketing during key times
  • Make your members/franchisees happy
New for 2017!

Our white label direct marketing platform now includes digital advertising options to reach the same prospects via multiple channels.

  • IP-targeted digital display advertisements
  • Email marketing to opt-in consumers

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