How It Works

Create amazing campaigns in 3 steps

Target the right prospects

Search for the best prospects using free, powerful geographic and demographic filters such as age, income, and drive-time from your business

Create Your Offer

Choose the perfect design, print, and marketing options to build great-looking marketing campaigns for your needs

Launch Campaign

Our online mail delivery scheduling system puts you in control while eliminating all paperwork and hassles from the process

Every order is 100% all-inclusive

We make it easy to plan and launch effective EDDM® campaigns on any budget with delivery from the Postal Service


 Free access to online mapping tool
 Thousand of free design templates
 Full-color printing on both sides
 Optional digital marketing add-on services
 Mail preparation and paperwork
 USPS® postage and fees
 Drop off to Post Office®
 Delivery to mailboxes

Use our mapping tool to target the right prospects

Select the perfect mailpiece for your needs

Schedule mail delivery now (or in the future)

Plus, add digital marketing to your EDDM® campaign

Boost your EDDM® results by adding multi-channel impressions on the same prospects. Research proves that multiple impressions are a key driver of awareness and purchases among consumers.

Display Ads

  • Reach the same prospects that you mail, with display ads
  • Delivers average of 10 impressions per each targeted household
  • IP-targeted for accuracy
  • Ads run on massive network of websites, news, blogs, and content
  • Only 3¢ per impression

Email Marketing

  • Reach the same prospects that you mail, with email marketing
  • Includes 3 separate email blasts
  • We can typically match up to 35% of prospects in your EDDM® campaign
  • Triple-verified, opt-in only database
  • As low as 2.4¢ each
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you print my mail pieces?

A: Yes, every order includes full-color printing.


Q: What is the minimum quantity?

A: The minimum is 1,000 pieces.


Q: Can I choose when my EDDM® campaign delivers?

A: Yes, you can choose the date range for your mail delivery.


Q: How long does mail delivery take after I purchase?

A: For most campaigns, delivery takes 2 to 4 weeks.


Q: Is postage included in the price?

A: Yes! Our pricing includes postage, no hidden fees.