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From standard postcards to giant-sized brochures, we've got the perfect print product for every campaign. Our commercial-grade printing and production processes ensure "big brand" quality results, at affordable rates.


4.25" x 11" EDDM® Postcard


This budget-friendly postcard format is designed to reduce your costs while still delivering results in the mail. Widely-used for coupons and singular offers.

  • The Most Affordable EDDM® product option
  • Printed on 7PT C2S Card Stock (Industry Standard)
  • Long, Narrow Format Stands Out in Mailbox
  • Perfect for Coupons, Announcements, and Special Offers
Quantity Price/Piece
1,000 56¢
2,500 41¢
5,000 35¢
10,000 33¢
25,000 32¢
50,000 29¢


6.25" x 9" EDDM® Postcard


This popular-sized option is an industry standard and provides excellent visibility at a great value. This format is considered the "workhorse" postcard as it has many uses and applications.

  • Larger than Standard Postcards for High Visibility
  • Printed on 7PT C2S Card Stock (Industry Standard)
  • Versatile Size Works for Most Direct Mail Needs
  • Perfect for Coupons, Grand Openings, and more
Quantity Price/Piece
1,000 58¢
2,500 43¢
5,000 37¢
10,000 34¢
25,000 33¢
50,000 32¢


8.5" x 11" EDDM® Postcard


Mail these postcards for maximum visibility and deliver powerful messages directly to recipients. Printed on quality card stock for excellent results.

  • Mailed Flat for Maximum Visibility
  • Printed on 7PT C2S Card Stock (Industry Standard)
  • Best-Selling EDDM Postcard Format
  • Perfect for Sales Events, Coupon Mailers, and more
Quantity Price/Piece
1,000 61¢
2,500 51¢
5,000 42¢
10,000 37¢
25,000 35¢
50,000 34¢


11" x 17" EDDM® Flyer/Brochure


These popular, giant-sized flyers, are the perfect choice for advertisers promoting multiple products or services. This format is frequently used for newsletters, takeout menus, product guides, and real estate brochures.

  • Choose Half-Fold or Tri-Fold format
  • Printed on 80# Gloss Paper (brochure quality)
  • Provides Maximum Visibility in Mailbox
  • The largest format available for EDDM®
Quantity Price/Piece
1,000 70¢
2,500 51¢
5,000 43¢
10,000 38¢
25,000 36¢
50,000 35¢


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Boost your EDDM® results by adding multi-channel impressions on the same prospects.

Instead of relying on a single, all-or-nothing marketing effort, reach the same qualified prospects with EDDM® + Email + Digital Display ads to get better results.

With our new Silver, Gold, and Platinum marketing bundles, it's never been easier.

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