The Most Successful Pizza Shops Use this Super-Obvious Marketing Strategy to Explode Sales
Posted On Jan 6, 2015 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr

pizza sales marketingOver the last 8 years, I have been fortunate to work as part of a team serving thousands of pizzeria clients. From independents, to "big chain" franchisees, pizza operators spanning the entire U.S. come to us for help with one thing...


Every pizzeria in the country has the same goal -- to reach every prospective customer and sell as much pizza as possible.

Through this experience, we've seen many less-than-effective attempts at driving business (listed below for your reading pleasure).

You've probably seen some of these...
  • Employees dressed in pizza costumes, dancing like Michael Jackson...
  • Coupons jammed into envelopes with offers from competitors...
  • Giant-inflatable characters on the roof top...
  • Doorhangers that end up in a dumpster next door...
  • Planes flying over beaches in the summer with huge banners...
  • Even price wars with other local chains and independents
While every type of marketing campaign has the potential to generate a positive return on investment (ROI), the truth is that most efforts end up costing the pizzeria big bucks.

But, in reality, there are only 3 possible ways to increase sales:
  1. Find new customers (sell more)
  2. Increase order frequency with existing customers (sell more often)
  3. Increase the size of each sale (sell with higher ticket sizes)
Further, there is only one form of marketing that accomplishes all (3) of these goals with one simple solution. And the solution is so obvious that many pizzerias don't use it.


Your golden ticket to more sales is DIRECT MAIL.

It is absolutely the most fool-proof way to reach local customers, without competitors, and generate immediate cash flow.

If  you are interested in learning more, selling more pizza, and surging your order volume, check out the link and video below.

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Good luck and happy marketing!