The Best Marketing Platform for CPA and Tax Prep Services
Posted On Dec 18, 2017 in Article by Chris Barr
Tax Prep Service

It's the most wonderful time of year — tax season.

From individuals to businesses, millions of people will soon seek the guidance of CPAs and tax preparation services to help optimize filings and refunds.

And while the IRS has yet to officially announce when it will begin accepting individual tax returns for the 2018 tax filing season, there is absolutely no time to waste. It's right around the corner.

Whether it begins on the 16th, 23rd, or 30th (last year the IRS started processing on January 23rd),  your marketing strategy should be locked and loaded at least thirty days prior to opening day. Your marketing communications should start distributing roughly two weeks prior, and should continue for at least the first month.

You Wait, You Lose

Nobody understands the value of planning ahead more than CPAs and financial planners. Yet, every year, an astonishing number of tax prep services make the worst possible mistake. They do ZERO tax season marketing.

It's easy to spot these stuggling services, because they try to make up for it with a marketing blitz after the majority of individuals and households have filed (which never works).

The most successful tax prep services make investments into marketing early, and push hard throughout the season.

You only get one chance to secure a customer's tax prep business. Once a prospect files on their own, or works with a competitor, there are no second chances.

Get. It. Done. Right. Now.

The Best Tax Service Marketing Platform

Tax Marketing Platform

These days, your customers are everywhere. They're busy at home, online, and leading hectic lives. And if you want to connect with people and earn their business, you've got to be where they are.

The days of "one and done" marketing are over. To generate measurable results, and maximize the reach and effectiveness of every marketing dollar, you need a multi-channel approach to marketing.

Introducing the EDDM® + Digital Ads marketing platform.

This platform enables you to reach the best tax prospects for your business with a powerful mix of Every Door Direct Mail® postcards, email blasts, and online banner ads.

Stop and think about what that means...

The same local prospects will see your ads in their mailbox, on their mobile phone (when checking their email), and as they browse their favorite websites and content online. They'll see your ads everywhere.

It's the difference between making one — or ten — impressions on each prospective client.

Why Go Multi-channel?
  • Reach modern consumers wherever they are
  • Extend the life of your marketing dollars
  • Eliminate the risks of a "one and done" strategy
  • Generate retail and/or ecommerce leads and sales
  • Reduce your cost per impression and boost ROI
Big Marketing for Small Budgets

Think about the marketing you experience from the national tax prep firms. You see the ads plastered across the web, on TV, on the radio, in the mail, and on social media.

They're everywhere. They're multi-channel, too.

The good news is that the playing field has been leveled (thank you technology). In years past, only businesses with big agencies and even bigger budgets could afford to roll out a multi-channel strategy. But now, technology makes it possible to launch these types of campaigns, anywhere in the US, in minutes.

In other words, it takes less time to launch a marketing campaign to thousands of prospects than it does to brew a pot of coffee.

Can you think of a better way to spend the next ten minutes?

Good luck and have a prosperous 2018 tax season!