Tax Preparation Services Find Success with Every Door Direct Mail®
Posted On Jan 2, 2015 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr
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Tax Time Is Here, Rejoice!

If you are a tax preparer, January might beat out the Holidays for the "It's the most wonderful time of the year" award.

Why? Because in a seasonal business, cash flow is especially important.

As we approach the IRS-announced E-File start date of January 20, 2015 -- now is the time to reach clients, increase awareness, and generate sales.

Already, tax preparation services are sending out email blasts, running digital ads, and kicking their marketing strategy into high gear.

But one especially effective method of marketing has dominated the tax service industry for the last several years.

It's called Every Door Direct Mail® from the USPS®.

How Tax Services are Using EDDM®

The successful tax services that I work with, and there are dozens of them, are very well-read and up to date on changes in tax laws. From maximizing refunds, to helping out families with major business or life changes, tax preparers are, for the most part, really good at what they do.

But how does being a skilled tax preparer translate into effective direct mail ads?

Aside from sending out coupons, what can you a tax service mailer possibly do to convert more prospects into clients?

Believe it or not, the best tax service offers don't need coupons at all.

Instead, they should focus on the fears, concerns, and/or lack of knowledge that cause most individuals and households the most worry.

For example, you can leverage your tax knowledge to generate more phone calls. Here is an example message:

TAX RETURN NOTICE: New Affordable Care Act (ACA) Component REQUIRED for ALL Tax Returns
Starting this year, the new ACA requirements make it more critical than ever for you to have professional guidance. The consequences of NON-compliance can result in extremely costly penalties.

This type of message differentiates you (and your business) from software packages and programs that many consumers turn to. It also positions you as a subject matter expert in your local community -- as opposed to looking like another generic tax shop.

You can further support this type of message by offering a free consultation by phone or in office. Or, you can get creative and offer your own compelling call to action (coupon, free ipad, instant cash advance, etc).

Remember the Goal of Marketing

As with all forms of marketing, the goal is to convert as many recipients into leads as possible, and then convert those leads into sales.

With Every Door Direct Mail®, you can cast a huge net in your local market, and reach every household at highly-discounted rates.

When it comes to marketing your tax service, the key is to cut through the "white noise" created by competitors in both digital and traditional media, and get your offers directly into the hands of would-be clients.

Simply put, if consumers don't have a reason to choose your tax service... they won't.

With EDDM®, you can design, print, and mail (postage included!) high-powered postcards and flyers for less than the cost of a single stamp. In other words, it's a dirt cheap, effective, and all-inclusive approach to direct mail.

Tax season is too short to take risks. You've got to strike while the iron is hot.

And right now, is that time.


Good luck this tax season and beyond!