Send Emails to the Same Prospects You Direct Mail
Posted On Mar 18, 2016 in Integrated Marketing by Chris Barr

Taradel has "soft launched" an amazingly smart integrated email marketing service

Let me explain... this is NOT another email service for your current list. integrated email marketing

Now, when you launch direct mail campaigns (such as with EDDM®) you can reach up to 25% or more of the exact same prospects with a promotional email too.

You read that correctly, many of the same prospects will receive your direct mail and email offers.

This is not an email service for your current "in house" list. This is an email service that gets your offers into the hands' of new, targeted prospects.

How It Works

Our system automatically calculates the number of prospects with email addresses available based on the geographic areas that you target with Every Door Direct Mail®. And, all of our data is 100% user opt-in and triple verified.

Benefits of Integrated Email Marketing:

  • Works with your EDDM® (direct mail) campaign
  • Delivers to the same prospects that receive your direct mail
  • Triple-verified and 100% opt-in email addresses
  • Makes another powerful impression on applicable prospects
  • You receive a performance report (Open rate, clicks, etc)
  • We design, code, manage, and deliver the emails for you -- no hassles
According to research, email marketing has shown to increase response upwards of 50% when used in conjunction with direct mail.

It's like adding horsepower to your marketing.

Imagine hundreds, or even thousands of prospects, receiving offers from your company -- directly in their mailboxes AND inboxes.

It Gets Even Better

This is not a one-and-done email blast. You get (3) separate email blasts with each order.

Combined with your direct mail campaign, that is a potential of (4) impressions on each applicable prospective customer.

To launch an integrated email marketing and direct mail campaign, use the online mapping tool to target local prospects. Once you make your selections, our easy "point and click" campaign builder will walk you through the process. You will get an instant count of physical mailboxes and email inboxes as you build your campaign.

It's so easy, anybody can do it.