Post Holiday Direct Mail for Contractors
Posted On Sep 28, 2012 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr

When summer comes to a close, there are only a few months before the holiday season is around the corner. As this crucial time nears, there is so much preparation that needs to be done. This is the best time for businesses to advertise for holiday specials. The holiday season begins very hectic but once people get into the holiday itself, it is a very calm and relaxing feeling. With days off to reflect and time to enjoy the company around them, they realize that there are a lot of things that have been neglected around the house. But with all the money that was spent pre-holiday or during, consumers are looking for the best deals available. This is the perfect for handy man services and home improvement contractors to jump in to save the day!

After the holidays are over, it's tough to get back into the groove of work and school. Handy man services and home improvement specialist need to advertise that they will take the work out of their customers' hands to make life just a bit easier. Leave it to the professionals to relieve the stress from the holidays. When your home improvement business advertises quality work for a low price, especially after all that consumers spent during the holidays, your customers will definitely take advantage of your offer. As the holidays come to a close and consumers have their homes back to them exclusively instead of housing far away relatives, they have the time to see the things that have been left unmaintained over the past few months.

Direct mailing to neighborhoods of residents that need your services the most after the holidays will increase your leads. When you have valuable offers and you mail them out at the most opportune time, when there is a great demand for your service, your mailer is sure to bring in new customers! You just have to do some research on your own as to when and what to advertise will be more beneficial for you!