Pool Service Succeeds with Every Door Direct Mail™
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"Our $3000 investment has paid for itself FIVE TIMES OVER."Pool Service EDDM Postcards

Kevin Cherwinski, better known as "The Pool Man," operates a pool construction and design business based out of Bellport, NY.

The business owner has successfully operated his company for more than 15 years, with a focus on tailor-designed pools for every homeowner.

Cherwinski's commitment to high-quality construction standards, timely project completion, and excellence in customer service has resulted in success across the state of NY.

Even with word of mouth referrals, the entrpreneaur knows that direct marketing to generate new leads and sales is critical to cash flow and long-term growth.

"In the past, we’ve done direct mail with mailing lists we purchased, that generated a minimal or zero responses," said Cherwinski.

That's when the business owner heard about the new Every Door Direct Mail™ program from a television commercial.

This Every Door Direct Mail™ campaign was cost-effective, easy to manage, and best of all – generated the response we needed."

Not only did the small business owner find success with EDDM™, it was the pool service photomost-effective advertising campaign ever produced in the company's history.

"We’ve been in business for over 15 years and Every Door Direct Mail™ by Taradel is the best advertising we’ve ever done – hands down. Our $3000 investment has paid for itself FIVE TIMES OVER."

Cherwinski added, "...it exceeded our expectations and we will absolutely do this again."

How He Did It, The Campaign Details:
  • Ordered 10,000 EDDM™ 6.25" x 9" Postcards
  • Divided Mailers into (3) Separate Weekly Drops
  • Selected Specific Neighborhoods w/ Single Family Homes
  • Offered "3D Custom Pool Design" via Software
  • Offered Free Pool Estimates
  • Included Social Media Elements
  • Provided Convenient Contact Information

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Photo Source Credits: KevinThePoolMan.com
Testimonial Submitted by Vicki Cherwinski, Accounts Manager 06/18/12