Political Direct Mail, Still HUGE in 2014
Posted On Aug 7, 2014 in Article by Chris Barr
political direct mail
Even in our rapidly-advancing society, a world of smart phones, videos, and instant access to information, some things never change.

Tarini Parti, a campaigns reporter for POLITICO, recently published an article titled, "An unlikely survivor in the digital age: Direct mail," which speaks to the thriving status of direct mail within the political sector.

While there is a strong general consensus that political campaigns need a healthy media mix, including both print and digital (such as social media, email, etc), the numbers don't lie. Direct mail is king.

Key takeaways and quotes from Parti's article:
  • Campaigns, party committees and groups have spent $150 million on direct mail so far in the 2014 election cycle
  • Expenditures categorized as “digital,” “online,” “web” and “email” together totaled about $70 million
  • The candidate’s face on the piece of mail anchors the reader’s perception
  • "...you can have five-to-seven screens in your house, but you still only have one mailbox.” -Kevin Mack of Mack Sumner Communications
  • Direct mail works. I’ve been doing this for 32 years. People keep saying ‘Mail is going to die.'" -Walter Lukens, founder of The Lukens CO., whose clients include Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Tennessee GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander
  • “Mail is the only communications method that can be targeted directly to the voter.” -Duane Baughman, president of The Caughman Co.
  • President Obama's campaign raised $230 million from direct mail according to documents obtained by POLITICO
Direct mail continues to function as the backbone of many political campaigns and fundraising efforts. Now, you can launch campaigns to your target audience, in ten minutes or less.

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