Non-Profits Gain Support with Every Door Direct Mail®
Posted On May 16, 2014 in Non-Profit by
Nonprofit EDDM®
The wide range of benefits that Every Door Direct Mail® offers is amazing. But, for nonprofit organizations (NPO), it serves as a life-saving tool for marketing that generates measurable results.

Direct mail programs have long-been the backbone of nonprofit campaigns, whether to raise funds, generate awareness, or promote events.

Now, with EDDM®, reaching more mailboxes while reducing costs – it's easy.

Tight Budget, No Problem
It’s no secret that most NPOs often struggle with expenditures. There are many fixed costs which demand a substantial budget – everything from operations, to supplies, and travel. These are the expenses that cannot be overlooked or postponed.  It also makes allocating funds for marketing campaigns and support initiatives very difficult. These financial facts are part of the reason NPOs resort to guerrilla marketing, free press, and viral video production.

However, many NPOs prefer to maintain a lower profile in an effort to maintain professionalism and validity within the world. Guerrilla marketing and viral videos often produce serious backlashes, and damage the reputation of the nonprofit organization as a whole.

More cautious NPOs prefer time-tested marketing strategies to grow support organically, methodically, and successfully. This is where Every Door Direct Mail® comes in.

Direct mail is the best way to deliver a message directly into the hands of prospective supporters. A direct mail piece forces interaction, in a professional manner, while providing a high-degree of visibility. And most importantly, it works. Nearly every major NPO uses direct mail consistently, to grow and generate funding.

Considering these facts, the Every Door Direct Mail® service is exactly what non-profits need. Dollar for dollar, there is no other form of marketing that can reach out to potential supporters as effectively.

Discounts On Top of Discounts
With EDDM®, any organization with NPO status can qualify for deeply discounted postage rates, making the already affordable direct mail service even more attractive.

For bulk direct mail campaigns, nonprofit organizations can print and mail EDDM® postcards as low as 22¢ per piece – designed, printed, and mail with all postage included.

So, rather than allocating critical manpower resources for your next awareness campaign, use the hugely-popular and successful Every Door Direct Mail® service.

You can now target, design, and mail postcards or flyers anywhere in the U.S. with one simple online order. No paperwork, no labeling, and no trips to the Post Office® required.