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Legitimate. Compliant. Effective. Acquisition Email Marketing

Most email service providers (ESP’s) are not designed for Acquisition Email. We are different.
Building an email deployment system that can manage Acquisition Email is no easy feat. It must provide built-in domain and IP protection. It must include safeguards to reject unacceptable content in order to maintain a positive reputation. It must have established relationships with all of the major email clients, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, and it must constantly monitor those relationships to ensure that they remain in good standing.
ESP’s that are designed solely for sending emails to 1st party opt-in recipients, such as MailChimp and Constant Contact, do not include these features.

The reality of Acquisition Email done right…

Our ESP is far from standard. It was developed specifically to manage the challenges of Acquisition Email, and it does so extremely well. There are (2) main areas of focus which allow for this success:
  1. Stringent email data sourcing integrity
  2. Sky-high deployment standards
No need to purchase an email list! Our ESP is built on top of one of the largest, most highly-rated consumer databases in the industry, and only allows emails that have been sourced as follows:
  • Emails are compiled from 3rd party opt-in data. This means that each email owner agreed to receive offers from an organization and their partners
  • Data is triple verified; there must be 3 different and unrelated sources providing the same information in order to include a record in the active file
  • Once triple verification is complete, a permission email is sent, providing yet another opportunity for the recipient to opt-out before being added to the active file
  • Email data must include both time and date stamp, as well as a source URL, in order to qualify
  • Three levels of hygiene processing and screening are performed, to ensure removal of email address which are known to be associated with SPAM traps, invalid emails and domains, role accounts, known hard-bounces, etc.
Adherence to all industry standards is achieved through active integration of best practices set forth by the DMA – including, but not limited to:
  • Maintaining working relationships and feedback loops with major ISP’s
  • Employing a dedicated Privacy & Performance Team
  • Processing of unsubscribe requests in real time
  • Performing extensive list hygiene
  • Mailbox monitoring and campaign preview testing prior to launch
  • Continuous monitoring of the latest legislation and regulations set forth by the FTC and DMA
  • Strict adherence to CAN-SPAM compliance, and rejection of any campaigns that do not comply
What to expect…
A few things to keep in mind as you explore your options:
  • Email has the highest ROI of any direct marketing channel!
  • Direct mail + email = a perfect partnership! Combining direct mail with email increases response rates AS WELL AS average order value when compared to direct mail alone. So, more people will take you up on your offer – and, when they do, they’ll spend more, too!
  • Strategy Tip - Use direct mail as the central focus of your campaign, and email to stay top-of-mind. People spend several minutes reading direct mail, but usually only a few seconds on an email. Well-timed emails (before and after) can incent a recipient to eagerly anticipate a mailer, and remind them to go back to its content.
Responsible, reliable Acquisition Email partners will not suggest that you purchase email lists to deploy yourself; a trustworthy Acquisition vendor will always encourage you to deploy through an appropriately designed platform, and ensure that your use case is valid and compliant with all regulations.