Lawyer Marketing: Every Door Direct Mail for Attorneys
Posted On Feb 7, 2013 in Small Business Marketing by

Every lawyer (unless working for the government) depends on a constant influx of new clients to increase revenues and Legal Attorney Direct Mailrealize their personal and professional goals. The bottom line is simple: you can't generate cash unless you bring in clients.

This seemingly simple challenge, though, is not so easy. Most lawyers spend countless hours jumping from idea to idea, as they try and find an advertising solution that really works on the fly. Big mistake. As any seasoned ad executive will tell you, "Shooting fromthe hip is only good for one thing, burning cash."

Marketing takes time, experience, knowledge, creativity, planning, execution, and results tracking. If you don't have the knowlege, skills, abilities, or time do manage those elements, let a professional do it for you. It may cost you a few dollars more up front, but it will save you (and make you) thousands in the long run.

Let's look at the ever-growing list of marketing options:

- Social Media (Tweets, Posts, Follows, Likes, etc.)
- Radio ads
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- T.V. Commercials
- Shared mail (coupon envelopes, magazines, etc)
- Newspaper Inserts
- Email Campaigns
- Sponsorships
- Partnerships
- Google Adwords (PPC)

While it's true that these options offer provide varying degrees of value (depending on the type of results your looking for), none of them guarantee that your offer will be seen. If you need to generate cash flow, now, you need an adertising medium that will go directly into a prospects hands' and force them to make a decision.

From there, if your offer is compelling enough, you'll get phone calls, appointments, and valuable new clients.

Welcome to Every Door Direct Mail®, a cost-cutting method of delivering GIANT flyers and postcards to every local mailbox surrounding your law office.

Every Door Direct Mail® by the U.S. Postal Service®, delivers your offer to every address (in the areas you choose), WITHOUT ads from competition. By the way, it will save you a ton of money compared to traditional list-based direct mail campaigns.

Even better, you can design, print, and launch your direct mail campaign from any computer, in less than ten minutes - online.

A One-Stop, Direct Mail Solution:

  • Includes Multiple Design/Artwork Options
  • Includes Full-Color, Glossy Printing
  • Prints on Quality Card Stock or Paper
  • FREE "Point & Click" Online Mapping Tool
  • Includes all Required USPS® Prep & Paperwork
  • Includes USPS® Postage & Delivery to Homes

So what are you waiting for?

Attorneys and law offices spanning the U.S. are already generating massive revenue increases using EDDM. If you need to do the same, this is a "no brainer" that you should try today.