Integrated Marketing: Tips for Email Optimization
Posted On Mar 23, 2016 in Integrated Marketing by Chris Barr
Email Optimization

Open Rates and Clicks
Open rates for email communications are primarily driven by the email’s sender name and subject line.
Clicks are impacted by open rates and the strength of the offer and/or Call-To-Action (CTA).
Sender Name
It is recommended that you use a personal name (ie: Chris Barr) with a legitimate email signature for text-based email deployments. Alternatively, use a brand name (ie: Pizza Hut) for HTML-based email deployments.

Subject Line
Short and/or curiosity-piquing subject lines perform better. You can easily increase open rates by using subject lines that include questions, lists, or non-sales related news and announcements.

Example 1: "The Short Subject Line"
Good: Quick question...
Bad: Questions for our Local Research Study

Example 2: "The List Subject Line"
Good: 5 Lawncare Tips for Midlothian, VA
Bad: Tips on Affordable Lawncare Services for Greener Lawns

Example 3: "The Question Subject Line"
Good: Did you receive it?
Bad: Did you see our postcard in the mail?

Example 4: "The News-Worthy Subject Line"
Good: Breaking News in Midlothian, VA
Bad: Join Us to Celebrate Our Grand Opening

Responsive, Device-Friendly Formatting
Emails that don’t deliver, don’t work. Emails that look terrible, don’t work. Always use a responsive email layout that automatically adjusts to the recipient’s screen size and device.
Note: All Taradel email communications are fully-responsive and look great across all devices.

Get More Out of Email
Remember, email marketing is most effective when it is a component of a broader, integrated marketing campaign. For best results, combine email communications with direct mail offers in a manner which is consistent in terms of branding, messaging, and redemption method.