Increase Black Friday Sales with Direct Mail Marketing
Posted On Oct 5, 2015 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr

Black Friday Marketing PostcardIncrease Black Friday Sales with Direct Mail Marketing

Get "real" offers into real hands.

When it comes to driving actual sales transactions, direct mail is more effective than digital marketing.

In fact, consumers who receive direct mail offers can recall the message 75%* of the time, compared to remembering digital offers only 44%* of the time.

More importantly, it takes humans 21%* less cognitive effort to process direct mail compared to digital ads. This means that your prospective customers are "wired" to interact with physical offers -- and the result is more sales.

Direct mail provides, on average, a 15% to 17%** ROI (return on investment).

That is a HUGE number and you should build your marketing plan accordingly.

Timing is everything.

Small and medium-sized businesses report that 20% to 40% of annual sales occur in the last two months of the year.

As such, it would be misguided not to ramp up your marketing efforts and capitalize on this massive consumer shopping season.

Americans will spend over $45 BILLION during Black Friday this year, and if you don't run a dedicated Black Friday marketing campaign, you will not grab your share of these sales.

Promoting your business is easier than ever with direct mail. With the super-popular direct mail campaign builder, you can effortlessly target your mail delivery areas, choose design and print options, and launch your campaign -- in 10 minutes or less.

Plan your campaign in October to ensure that your Black Friday postcards deliver into homes in November. When it comes to seasonal marketing, timing is everything.



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