How to Increase Pizza Sales During Football Season
Posted On Aug 20, 2014 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr

In the pizza industry, the only guarantee is that there are no guarantees.

That's why running a successful pizzeria takes such hard work and dedication.

There is an old saying that goes, "I quit my 40 hour a week job so that I could open a pizza shop and work 80 hours a week."

In a given day, restaurant operators have to manage inventory, operations, staffing and scheduling requirements, and those pesky and perfectly-timed equipment malfunctions.

As a result, marketing efforts are delayed, or worse, never launched in the first place.

Over time, the tendency to neglect marketing (or do the bare minimum) becomes a cyclical drain on the business.

And keep in mind, marketing doesn't only bring customers in the door. It impacts your average ticket size, order frequency, customer retention rate, and ability to fight off competitors (among other key sales sectors).

Even if you currently run at a profit, brushing off the need for marketing will cost you additional growth, or limit your potential.

So let's talk about the one time of year you absolutely MUST advertise.

Football season.

In a recent survey of football fans (conducted by a national chain), six out of seven fans stated that they plan to order pizza during games. The opportunity is huge.

So, ask yourself a simple but important question.

"Why will football fans order from me?"

If you think having the best food, or even a great reputation, is going to drive massive sales, think again.

Consider that Dominos estimates they deliver 11 million slices on Super Bowl Sunday. If you lined up all of those slices end to end, it would be the length of 21,388 football fields.

Do they have the best quality food or service?


But they have something more valuable -- great marketing. They sell a lot. They give customers a reason to order, almost daily.

The quality of their food is secondary when compared to the overall value and convenience they add. And, not a week goes by where they don't send out coupons, flyers, and menu-related promotions to keep their powerful brand top of mind.

Without going into exhaustive detail, football season is huge for pizzerias. And most importantly, sales during this critical time are driven by marketing campaigns.


When customers order pizza (or any type of takeout or delivery food), they instinctively look for a menu. After all, the first step in ordering is deciding what to order from the menu.

It is extremely rare for a customer, whether it be a family, student, business, or catering opportunity, to contact a restaurant without knowledge of the menu options.

This is especially true when you're talking about hungry football fans who place large orders and look for the best values. Many football customers are converted through the use of combo-deals that include pizza, wings, and beverages for example.

You want to make the customer's decision-making as painless and convenient as possible.

You don't want these customers to consider the local competition. You want them ordering from you.

THE DIRECT MAIL DIFFERENCEfootball pizza direct mail

Only direct mail puts your menus and offers directly into the hands, kitchens, cabinets, and living rooms of every local home, without ads from competitors. Solo direct mail (such as Every Door Direct Mail®) delivers a one-to-one experience that forces the recipient to review your offer(s) and make a decision.

Online searches and advertising networks tend to position you as "one of many" options, instead of the only option. This drives your prices down and puts you at a disadvantage, fighting for calls and clicks with competitors.

Anyone can go online and do a Google search for "Pizza + ZIP Code" and review options. But you don't want it to get that far.

Direct mail delivers a much bigger impact, and doesn't start the war between pizzerias, pricing, and ordering options.

Simply put, you want your menus in every home, and you want the menus to provide prospective customers with multiple incentives (coupons/offers/etc) to order from you.

Ultimately, customer acquisition is driven by great offers, sales-engineered menu design, and impression-share (mind share) among consumers.

If you force a prospective customer to physically interact with your menus and offers, you will have an edge over competitors who don't.

And that's why, direct mail is perfect for new customer acquisition during football season.


So, get ready to sell a lot of pizza in the next few months! Kids are going back to school and both college and professional football seasons are set to kick off.

This time of year is truly over-flowing with opportunities and sales potential, and there is always one pizza shop in each community that takes full advantage it.

In some areas it's a big chain, in others it's a local bar, but usually, it's an independently-owned pizzeria with amazing food and great marketing.

If you are serious about growing your business this year, and becoming the "go to spot" for pizza, now is the time to pull the trigger on your first direct mail campaign. It's August, and if you do not start advertising right now, you will miss out.

LET’S WORK TOGETHERdeliver more football sales

We have worked with thousands of pizzerias and restaurants since 2003, helping them to increase their sales via direct marketing campaigns. With over a decade worth of testing, learning, and direct mail optimization experience -- I can say with confidence that no other provider is better equipped to help you get started.

With your amazing food, and our direct marketing expertise, we can design, print, and mail highly-effective menus and offers to every prospective customers and home in your market. You will immediately see a sales boost the day your mailers deliver. No waiting, no competitors -- just sales.

So, let’s work together and create something incredible. In 2-3 weeks you could be breaking your sales records, and enjoying ringing phones and a buzzing website.  Plus, your staff love you for the extra hours and increase in tips!

Remember, if you don't give football customers a reason to call, click, or visit your pizzera... they won't.