How to Create Winning Direct Mail + Email Campaigns
Posted On Dec 18, 2017 in Article by Chris Barr
Example Marketing Email DesignAs marketers and business owners, we must understand that consumers now use, and interact with, a vast range of communication channels on a daily basis. And, each of these channels has strengths and limitations inherent to its medium.

We must also realize that we can achieve a greater impact (and ROI) using these channels together. The sum of a multi-channel marketing strategy is greater than the parts.

Here are some tips to keep your direct mail + email campaigns consistent and effective.

Look professional
  • Consistent branding (mail, web, email, social, etc)
  • High-quality graphics/images
Use a compelling offer and keep it simple
  • Focus on benefits and convenience
  • Make the offer easy to understand and use
  • Remove “filler” text/copy
  • Provide clear next step directions (ie: Call Now 888-123-4567)
Target the right customer
  • Use geographic targeting
  • Use existing customer demographic profile data
  • Use demographic filters + geographic filters
Timing is everything
  • Some things sell better at certain times
  • Your business may be seasonal
  • Deploy email communications approx 1 week after direct mail delivery
Use these suggestions to connect with the new customers, through multiple channels, as they interact with both the physical and digital worlds around them. Keep all of your branding, messaging, offers, and supporting tasks (customer service, sales, etc) focused on a singular goal.