How do you direct mail every door?
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Every Door Mail ToolYou can direct mail "every door" in a geographic area with a service from the USPS®, fittingly named, Every Door Direct Mail®.

Steps to creating an EDDM® campaign:

1. Use the online mapping tool to target prospects.
2. Register or sign in to your account.
3. Select a mail piece size and format (example: 6.25" x 9" postcard).
4. Choose a free design template, professional help, or upload art files.
5. Select a mail delivery date range for your campaign.
6. Submit your order.

How to do a successful "every door" mail campaign.

The three most important aspects to success are reaching the right audience, at the right time, with the right offer. Here are a few tips to improve your results.

Audience - Targeting the right audience for your product, service, or event is very important. The audience should have an interest, demand, or need for what you're selling or promoting. Make sure to understand who your target audience is and what motivates them.

Timing - Marketing cmapaigns are about timing. For example, a roofing company would be more likely to generate positive results by launching a marketing campaign after a hail storm. If you run a restaurant, you might want your mailers to deliver towards the end of the week, when consumers are more likely to dine out. And further, some campaigns are time-sensitive such as with Black Friday promotions and sales events.

Offer - Your offer must be compelling. Assuming you have targeted the right audience, the offer that you feature on your mailer is the most important factor. Be sure to maximize value to the consumer, while also promoting a sense of urgency. Also, use effective language such as "FREE" or "THIS WEEKEND ONLY" to grab attention. Finally, be sure to make the offer redemption process clear and simple (i.e. enter promo code, call now, etc.)