How To Choose Every Door Direct Mail® or a Targeted Mailing List?
Posted On Feb 7, 2017 in Article by
EDDM or Targeted Mailing ListLet's take a quick look at the differences between the two most popular direct mail options: Every Door Direct Mail® and Targeted Mailing List.

Every Door Direct Mail®

EDDM® is a highly-popular and affordable option for advertisers who want to reach entire neighborhoods on a budget. This service also eliminates the need for mailing lists, mailing permits, and extensive paperwork by enabling users to target mailboxes by geographic location. With EDDM®, all residential homes and apartments (businesses and PO boxes are option) within the targeted geographic areas must receive mail pieces.

In essence, this program enables advertisers to reach as many homes as possible with as little spend as possible. Of course, the effectiveness of this strategy depends on the type of business and offer. Since EDDM® reaches “every mailbox” it may not be an ideal fit for everyone. In other words, it might work great for a pizzeria, but not as well for businesses who only need to target homes with children.

Targeted Mailing List

This option allows advertisers to direct mail highly-targeted individuals using a vast spectrum of geographic, demographic, and behavioral attributes. While slightly more costly, targeted direct mail can yield astonishing response rates and ROI. By sending the right offer, to the right prospects, at the right time, a positive outcome may be more likely than with other mail options. Mailing lists also increase the likelihood that consumers receive relevant information about the products, services, and events that they care about.

Additionally, targeted direct mail campaigns can be designed to reach your existing database of customers, or for new customer acquisition purposes.