Go Big or Go Home
Posted On Oct 31, 2012 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr

Are you looking to gain more customers this holiday season? To gain more traffic into your restuarant, you have to start targeting broadly. You can do that by casting a wide net so that you won't exclude any customers that you want to target. It is definitely possible to miss out on prospective diners if your marketing range is too focused. To cast the widest net possible, you can utilize the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Program. With the range that this program delivers mail to, you can rest soundly and know that you have increased your chances of gaining new customers.

The EDDM Program was developed to support small businesses in their marketing efforts and the businesses that use it can attest to it that it works! By providing national chain results, small local restaurants can target their local area to gain the most exposure with this program. The EDDM program was built on the fact that small, local businesses needed a way to cost effectively target those people that were most vital to their business, their local customers.

When you target very specific areas, you can gain the most out of those areas because the more specific your audience, the more you can tailor your message to them. But when you want to broaden your customer range and increase the new customers that come into your restaurant for the first time, you have to expand your target area with your mailer. Introduce yourself to customers who have never heard about you in areas that you have not conquered.

As the saying goes, go big or go home. And with marketing, it is always risky because it is an experiment. But the more that you play with the ingredients and tweak it to your specific needs, the better results you will achieve.