Franchisors Flock to "Turnkey" Every Door Direct Mail Solution
Posted On Aug 13, 2015 in Franchise Marketing by
Franchise Marketing ManagerIf a franchisor is only as good as its franchisees, and its franchisees are only as good as their sales, success ultimately boils down to the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

With Taradel’s Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) solution, franchisors can make powerful direct mail marketing easy and affordable, while maintaining full control of all creative, offers, and branding.

The result? Happier franchisees, more sales, more revenue, and a marketing platform that looks like it came from the future.

Driving Sales Through An Effective Channel

A recent online survey conducted showed that the average American is bombarded with over 5,000 advertisements per fiscal quarter. About 86% of viewers skip through or ignore TV commercials, and 91% of consumers have unsubscribed from an email subscription which they had earlier opted in. In other words, digital media is completely saturated and its effectiveness in driving actual transactions (branding and awareness is another story) is dropping, fast.

The key benefit of direct mail? It guarantees visibility and “forces” interaction. Even if someone immediately trashes a printed offer, it still makes an impression and still delivers value – whether short term or long term.

And every marketer knows that the key to success is multiple impressions. Whether a consumer makes a purchase the first time they receive an offer, the third time, or the twenty-seventh time, your franchisee will remain top of mind when a consumer needs or wants your product or service.

Plus, mail delivered by the USPS® is seen as more professional, trustworthy, and authoritative than offers delivered through virtually cost-free and spam-friendly mediums such as email, websites, and banner ads.

In other words, direct mail is more trusted, more impactful, and results in more transactions.
The Every Door Direct Mail® White Label Solution

To date, advertisers and franchisors have mailed nearly 60,000,000 (million!) offers using the EDDM® solution powered by Taradel. It’s so easy, anyone can do it – and it works.

3 Step Direct Mail for Franchisees EDDM Map Tool

Step 1. Target customers online
Step 2. Choose design, print, and mail options
Step 3. Schedule mail for delivery and check out

Getting Started, Ready “Out of the Box”

Franchisors white label Taradel’s EDDM® platform, which is fully branded and optimized for each partnership. Almost immediately, the solution is ready to launch and demo to franchisees.

To make things even easier, franchisors can design and upload their own corporate-approved design templates (postcards, flyers, coupons, etc) which are maintained within a user-friendly template library within the solution. This provides full control of all creative, offers, branding, and other elements that the franchisor can use to minimize “brand abandonment” amongst its franchisees.

Powerful Features and Simplicity

With just a few clicks, a franchisee can launch a direct mail campaign in 10 minutes or less. Even better, the entire process is “point and click” and requires no prior direct mail or marketing experience whatsoever.

"If you're a franchise company looking for a direct marketing partner, I would definitely recommend looking at Taradel," says Karin Harrison, Marketing Manager at Outdoor Living brands.

"Their full service, turnkey EDDM program, allows our franchisees to quickly plan an effective direct mail program, and then get back to managing their business.

With EDDM®, each offer delivers “solo” directly into targeted local mailboxes. The franchisee simply chooses the mailing areas, the week of delivery, and everything else is managed for them. From printing, to mail prep, to postage and delivery, Taradel does it all. No paperwork or trips to the Post Office are required!