FREE Lawn and Landscape Flyer Templates for EDDM
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Using EDDM™ and FREE Lawn & Landscape Flyer TemplatesFree Lawn Landscape Flyer Template
Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM) is the fastest growing direct mail service in the world. Using direct mail services such as EDDM, you can reach potential clients in your locality easier, and more affordably than ever before. Moreover, you need not know about details such as address of every client where you want your mail to reach. You can simply choose the delivery areas, online, by ZIP Code or postal route (similar to neighborhoods). Gone are the days when you had to purchase costly mailing lists and pay for each address to be printed on every mail piece.

Now, you should send out direct mail offers for your lawn care or landscaping service. With the low cost of EDDM™, and
FREE lawn flyer templates available, no other form of advertising will deliver better results on a dollar to dollar comparison.

Choosing the Right FREE Template
The template you intend to send as advertisement must have a specific goal. That goal should always be "to get the most responses, as quickly as possible."

Use a sizeable area of the template to include a brief, catchy description about the nature of your business. The
lawn flyer template featured in this article is a great example (click on it to enlarge). You want people to notice your mail, and remember something catchy about it. In this case, the headline "We Make Yards Happy" combined with a cute frog character, is a powerful combination. It also includes a "lawn and landscape" color scheme, filled with green, white, and prange colors. Keep it simple, relevent to your industry, and focused on the consumer benefits.

Keep Your Target Audience In Mind
It is imperative to consider your target audience when selecting a FREE landscaping flyer template. For example, if you are advertising to a gated community, you certainly do not want to mail flyers that only focus on lawn mowing. Instead, you want to offer turnkey packages the include lawncare, mulching, trash hauling, and services that can increase the value of their property and neighborhood.

As always, you know your business better than anyone else. Be sure to include you local experience and knowledge when creating a flyer for Every Door Direct Mail™.

So What Are You Waiting For?
Find local customer online right now, use the FREE Mapping Tool to view your area.