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Every Door Direct Mail™ is the latest marketing tool that attorneys and legal service providers use to generate leads and bring in new clients. The EDDM program enables attorneys to reach prospective clients faster and more-efficiently than ever before, by targeting local neighborhoods with offers and newsletters.

Further, this direct mail program eliminates the need for costly mailing lists, labels, and “mailhouse services." Instead, you can simply target your desired mailing areas online by simply “pointing and clicking” on the neighborhoods where you want your mail delivered.

Even better, the postage rates are dramatically less. In fact, for as little as #Post#.27 per home, you can mail a professionally-design, print, and mail targeted postcards to any neighborhood in the country – all inclusive.

The Different Ways to Use Every Door Direct Mail™

Direct mail can be done in various ways, including:
  • mailing discount coupons
  • advertising local events
  • sending out seminar invitations
  • neighborhood-friendly newsletters
    Even if a small percentage of recipients convert into paying clients, you will make a significant profit from the direct mail program. It also establishes credibility, trust, and authority at the local level – something money can’t buy. Only direct mail and other forms of branding can make you a subject matter expert (SME) for legal services at the local level. Even if most recipients are uninterested at first, it still creates awareness about your legal services for when their time of need presents itself. In other words, direct mail offers compelling short-term, and long-term opportunities making it well worth your investment.

    Analyzing the Popularity of Every Door Direct Mail

    Direct mailing offers various advantages over other advertising vehicles, with the primary advantage being its ability to instantly connect with prospects at a physical level. It’s one thing to see a banner ad online or a billboard while driving, but it’s another thing to have a coupon or print flyer laying around the house, constantly reminding you about the offer. Secondly, for the impact it delivers, the new EDDM program is one of the cheapest forms of advertising. Even a person owning a small business firm can afford to advertise through direct mail, using the new Every Door program, and increase cash flow overnight.

    All things considered, EDDM is an exceptionally well-suited advertising platform for attorneys, legal service providers, and law offices.

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