FREE Insurance Flyer Templates for Direct Mail
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About Every Door Direct Mail™ for Insurance Companies

Are you planning to launch a marketing FREE Insurance Flyer Templatescampaign in support of new products or insurance services? If so, there is no better way to instantly create awareness and generate sales, than with the new
Every Door Direct Mail™ program.

The USPS is going "all out" in promoting EDDM™ with high-profile television, radio, and direct mail campaigns. The small business community is responding extremely well to the program and has been receiving some amazing results.

EDDM™, you can reach out to targeted prospective clients, in specific geographic locations, at discounted postage rates. The program also streamlines the processby eliminating the need to expensive mailing lists, ink-jetting services, tabbing, and other "mail house" services.

In fact, all you have to do is "point and click" on the areas you want your mail delivered using the powerful new mapping tool called
U-Select. This tool is 100% FREE to use online and works anywhere in the US.

FREE Insurance Flyer Templates
Now that you know how EDDM™ can help boost your business, it's time to start thinking about your flyer design and message. It's always a great idea to start the creative process using a professionally design FREE Insurance Flyer Template.

Free insurance templates help in attracting new clients to your business and creating a compelling offer or message. In fact, choosing the right design is one of the most critical steps in a direct mail marketing campaign. Make sure that the template has a powerful way of displaying your company, your offers, and your contact information. Remember, the goal in direct mail is to maximize your response rates, and as a byproduct, your revenue.

Good designs can work constructively for your business. Instead of writing and conveying a long message about your business, to your prospective customer, attract their attention through powerful design and imagery. It's often faster and more effective to use imagery as opposed to drawn-out messages.

Using Direct Mail Wisely, Not Just for New Business
One of the best, and fastest ways, to increase sales often gets over-looked. Instead of bringing in new customers, you can also increase sales by encouraging current customers to spend more money with you. Target local areas witha high customer density and offer them new programs or services with great margins for your company. It's much easier to sell programs to current customers, than new customers. Leverage your great relationships at the local level to increase sales with current clients and new customer alike.

Good luck and happy marketing!

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