Every Door Direct Mail® Rates for 2014
Posted On Jan 27, 2014 in Every Door Direct Mail by Chris Barr

Update Notice: Effective as of 01/26/2014

The USPS® has implemented postage rate increases on first-class letters and most other mail.

In accordance with the USPS® rate increase, we have posted our new all-inclusive Every Door Direct Mail® rates for 2014 online.

The Good News!
In an effort to continue providing advertisers with the best overall value on EDDM® services, we have lowered the all-inclusive rates on several of the most popular mailing products and quantities -- despite the USPS® rate increase.

Highlights & Key Changes:

  • Lower rates on 8.5" x 11" GIANT Postcards at quantities of 2500 and 5000 pcs.
  • Lower rates on 6.25" x 9" Postcards at quantities of 1000, 2500, and 5000 pcs.
  • Lower rates on 4.25" x 11" Postcards at quantities of 2500 and 5000 pcs.
  • Most rate increases (where applicable) have been limited to only 1¢ per pc.

For more information, please visit the link below or call (800) 481-1656.