EDDM To Promote Holiday Catering
Posted On Sep 28, 2012 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr

When the holiday season comes around, there are holiday parties all over the place. And what is a party without great food? Catering companies need to take advantage of this time of year to advertise their services. Not only do businesses throw big corporate parties during the holiday season but people also host big holiday shindigs. The more reason that the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Program is worth the investment. This program allows you to target residents and businesses. There are parties all around the holidays and they typically all involve food. Restaurants that offer catering can use this program to offer their catering services for the many parties that will be happening during the holiday months.

Following just close to wedding season, the holiday season is a big time for catering companies. The National Association of Catering Executives conducted a recent survey and found that about 60% indicated that corporate parties will increase this year. With the increase in corporate parties, the demand for catering increases! Using direct mail will increase their awareness with corporate and personal parties. Direct mailing will make the decision easier for the big whigs of a company to choose a quality caterer. When they receive your mailer, they will have to look no further! If you offer a great price for great services, they will jump on the opportunity to use your catering service.

For personal parties, food is also a big factor. To stay on top of your competitors, you have to direct mail to your customers early enough so that your customers will see your holiday offers first. Direct mail is so effective and the companies that optimize it will gain more market share in their industry. As caterers gain new satisfied customers though the EDDM program, those customers will throw more parties and more parties means more catering opportunities!