Direct Mail to Capture the Post-Holiday Spending
Posted On Sep 27, 2012 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr

Advertising before the holiday is a smart choice but also to advertising after the holiday will benefit a business. Especially retailers that carry a lot of holiday related products, the post holiday shopping is also something to advertise for. Consumers know that once a holiday has passed that all the decorations will go on sale so that's when they do the shopping for next year. This is a good time for local retailers to advertise their holiday inventory on sale to intrigue frugal consumers!

The week after a holiday has passed, many retailers lower their prices to get rid of their current holiday inventory so they can have room for the next holiday decorations to be displayed. Everyone knows that the best time to buy holiday decorations is after the holiday has passed. This is because people want to stock up for next year and they know that some retailers will be lowering their prices dramatically to make way for new products. When consumers are gearing up to plan for the next year, they will generally start by looking for sales and discounts. To take advantage of the low prices, their main agenda will be to buy holiday themed items for a very low price. The frugal shoppers of the world will be out shopping for deals and promotions that only come once a year!

Knowing this, businesses should be advertising their dropped prices to their customers to gain a share of the post holiday spending. Retailers need to take advantage of the cost conscious consumer and advertise to them directly. In reality, as of the recent economy, everyone is a cost conscious consumer. Everyone wants to save as many pennies as possible these days.

Businesses that utilize direct mailing to reach out to customers in their local area can definitely gain a response. With the direct mail programs becoming more refined and efficient, the retailers that use it are attracting attention of prospective customers who then become new customers and continue to be loyal customers!