Direct Mail Pizza Coupons that Really Work
Posted On Jun 14, 2012 in Small Business Marketing by
When using the Every Door Direct Mail™ program to increase sales at your pizzeria, don't underestimate the power of coupons. More specifically, the power of perception.

Every menu that you mail should be loaded with high-visibility offers and pizza coupon examplescoupons, period. Nothing will generate more sales than the perception of added value when customers browse through their mail.

Coupons Don't Have to Make You "Look Cheap"

A coupon doesn't have to make your restaurant looks cheap. If you offer an upscale dining environment, or high-quality product, create "Date Night" offers or provide special offers such as "Free Desert w/ Purchase of Any 2 Entrees". By doing so, you will maintain your upscale image while still providing incentives to new and existing customers.

A $5 Coupon Should NOT Cost You $5

How can you offer customers a $5 value without losing $5 you ask? It's easy. Compare the (2) examples below.

  1. $5 OFF ANY $25 ORDER

Offer #1 will literally cost you $5 every time a customer redeems it. This cuts directly into your bottom line and is a worst case scenario for every pizza business.

Now consider Offer #2. This offer provides the customer with a "$5 VALUE" (which costs you about #Post#.50 in food costs) and helps them decide to order from you, as opposed to a competitor. In the mind of the customer, they will quickly realize that they can get a Large Pizza AND Garlic Bread - all for $15. Normally, this would cost them $20 - making the deal very powerful.

The lesson here is to use coupons and offers that offer the highest perceived value while costing your bottom line as little as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Mail your new menus and coupons today!

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