Direct Mail Marketing: How Your PCE Determines Your ROI (Plus, get a Freebie!)
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For decades, direct mail has functioned as the backbone of marketing campaigns -- and for good reason. Direct Mail ROI

It really works.

According to a recent survey by the CMO Council (Chief Marketing Officer Council World Wide), consumers prefer to receive direct mail offers over any other form of local business advertising.

The CMO Council survey also confirmed that direct mail generates better response rates when compared to email and other platforms.

But even a marketing solution that physically delivers your offers directly into the hands' of prospective customers does not guarantee your success.

As with all forms of marketing, your ROI (return on investment) is determined by your PCE (preparation, creative, and execution).

In other words (I think Benjamin Franklin said it best)...

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

Key things to remember when managing the PCE on your next direct mail campaign:


  • Identify target market
  • Create customer demographic profile (ie: Female, Age 35+, etc)
  • Research competition and industry variables (seasonality, etc)
  • Determine product/service pricing
  • Determine tracking mechanism(s) (promo code, phone tracking, etc)
  • Create direct mail launch calendar
  • Coordinate direct mail w/ integrated campaign (email, social, etc)
  • Run analysis to determine profitability break-even requirements
  • Determine postcard/flyer format
  • Create design theme
  • Write sales copy/content
  • Select product shots/images
  • Highlight CTA and "Next Steps"
  • Confirm accuracy of all contact information
  • Ensure creative matches brand presence online or in-store
  • Train and educate all staff as needed
  • Ensure delivery schedule is on target
  • Maintain inventory and operational excellence
  • Quickly respond to all phone calls, clicks, and inquiries
  • Capture lead/customer information for future opt-in marketing
  • Provide "come back" or loyalty offer during intial transaction
  • Run campaign response rate and profitability analysis
  • Schedule second impression or follow-up direct mail campaign
Follow these fundamental checks and balances when launching your next direct mail campaign. By doing so, you will reach the right prospects, at the right time, with an offer that compels them to take action and convert into customers.

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Good luck and happy marketing.