Dealerships Sell More Cars Using Every Door Direct Mail®
Posted On Apr 22, 2014 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr

car sales EDDMMany auto dealerships in the United States have come to the realization that expensive marketing lists don't always equate to higher car sales.

In fact, many dealership GMs would argue that mailing more direct mail offers — to local homeowners and families — is a wiser use of precious marketing dollars. In some cases, the "shotgun blast" approach is simply the best way to go.

Additionally, the added costs associated with ultra-targeted marketing lists often go unjustified. From inkjetting, to higher postage rates — targeting gets expensive, fast. Especially when you could reach the same homes, plus some, using a mass mail solution.

This is why dealerships across the country are shifting their ad dollars to Every Door Direct Mail® (also referred to as EDDM®), a much broader form of targeted marketing launched by the USPS®.

How Can "Shotgun Mailing" be Targeted Too?

Most dealerships look at marketing in black and white. Afterall, the marketing is either targeted, or it's not, right?


Some of you might wonder how sending flyers to every single home can be termed as a form of targeted marketing. The answer is actually quite simple.

Most postal carrier routes (the neighborhoods that make up ZIP Codes) in the United States consist of households that have similar values, demographics, and income levels. Think about where you live. Would you say that, generally speaking, you and your neighbors are in the same "bucket" when it comes to income, home value, and lifestyles?

More often than not, the answer is yes. If your neighbors drive luxury vehicles, you are likely to drive them (or be able to afford them) too. And vice versa.

If you live in a 5 bedroom single family home, your neighbor probably does too. And, you and your neighbors probably have children in the house (or perhaps they are off to college, etc).

In fact, with EDDM®, dealerships can target postal routes using the following five demographic selections — without paying extra for it!

  • Household Income
  • Age Range
  • Home Ownership (Owner/Renter)
  • Gender (Male/Female)
  • Presence of Children

Find the Prospective Car Buyers and Customers

For example, if a home located in one particular postal route contains your customer; it can be a safe bet to assume that people living in the same vicinity might be a good fit for your business. Almost every family on that street will buy either a new or used vehicle at some point in time, it's just a matter of where and when they will buy.

It only makes sense to connect with these prospects, with recurring frequency, and engage them with your business, brand, and trust indicators (such as current customers from the neighborhood). Then, you can begin converting them into paying customers.

Offers, Deals, Coupons — Do Whatever It Takes to Move Metal

We already know that direct marketing is all about events and offers. From Holiday sales, to manufacturer specials, and inventory clearance events — specials and deals are what put feet on your lot.

And with EDDM®, you can mail GIANT-sized postcards and flyers without paying extra for the large formats. Mail full-page sized postcards or gigantic 11" x 17" trif-fold flyers without paying extra postage.

By leveraging EDDM®, auto dealerships can achieve the same results that more costly mailing lists deliver, while improving ROI and extending reach during the process.

Let me say that one more time: You can pay less per piece, improve your return on investment, and reach more homes, while simultaneously reducing list-based hassles and headaches.

In fact, the introduction of EDDM® has become a relief for dealerships and other business that were looking for an affordable and effective targeted marketing system.

Always Look at Long-Term Results

Smart GMs and marketers understand that you should consider the long-term results of your marketing campaigns just as you do the short-term impact. Direct marketing is a marathon, not a race. Sure, the low-hanging fruit and easy sales that come along with EDDM® are great — but direct mail is about long-term growth and building connections.

Just as you might not trust a person you recently met for the first time, business relationships take time too. Remember that, and make your direct marketing strategy a way to communicate trust and reliability among local car-buyers and prospects. Find local car buyers today in 10 minutes or less.

Good luck, and happy marketing.