Contractors Using Holiday Direct Mail
Posted On Sep 27, 2012 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr

The holiday season is typically the best time to advertise. For consumers, this time of year is always big for spending. For businesses, it is a great for advertising! Where consumers have the disposable income they have saved all year to spend on gifts and in preparation to the season. To increasing sales and increasing leads, the best way to advertise during this time is through direct mail. For many different businesses there are different tactics to advertise, but direct mail has always been the most reliable and preferred by consumers.

For example, a contractor that direct mails to his local neighborhood during the holiday season offering a discount on "holiday maintenance", you may have gained that customer has a new customer but after their expectations are met with quality services, they may continue to be a loyal customer. Everything has to be perfect and in shape for when guests come into town for the holidays. So homeowners want their home to be a up to date and looking as great as ever to welcome their far away relatives coming to stay. Contractors can take advantage of the busy residents that don't have the time to do the maintenance on their homes.

When direct mailing, contractors can emphasize on the fact that the holiday season is rounding the corner and how important it is to have everything in its place for when guests arrive. Everyone wants everything spic and span so that relatives can arrive and be awed. In preparation for the holiday season, consumers are shopping around for the best deals in retail but also in home improvement. Because contractors know how important it is for a home to be the best it can for all the excitement of the holiday season. Direct mailing a "holiday maintenance special" to the local homeowners will be advantageous because contractors can utilize the busy holiday season to market to their local neighborhood to spruce up their home for the season!