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Every dealership and service center knows that you can't increase sales without bringing buyers and service center Car Dealership Direct Mailcustomers to the lot. It really is that simple.

The challenge, however, is finding a marketing solutions that acutally works while generating the highest possible ROI.

Let's look at the ever-growing list of marketing options:

- Twitter
- Radio ads
- Television spots
- Shared mail (coupon paks, magazine, etc)
- Facebook
- Newspapers
- Emails
- Google Adwords (PPC)

Sure, all of these options offer value depending on the type of results your looking for. But still, none of them guarantee that your offer/promotion will deliver to a prospect in a manner that "forces" the consumer to make a decision.

Welcome to Every Door Direct Mail®, a crazy-popular method of delivering GIANT flyers and postcards to every local mailbox surrounding your dealership or automotive service center.

Every Door Direct Mail® from the U.S. Postal Service®, is designed to help you reach every address, WITHOUT ads from competitors, at discounted rates.

Even better, you can design, print, and schedule your direct mail campaign - online - in ten minutes or less, at


  • Includes Multiple Design/Artwork Options
  • Includes Full-Color, Glossy Printing
  • Prints on Quality Card Stock or Paper
  • FREE "Point & Click" Online Mapping Tool
  • Includes all Required USPS® Prep & Paperwork
  • Includes USPS® Postage & Delivery to Homes

And get this... you get everything for as low as 29¢ per home.

If you operate or advertise for a dealership or service center, take EDDM for a spin today.

This direct mail program might be the advertising solution you have been looking for.