Allowing Time for Effective Mailing
Posted On Oct 26, 2012 in Direct Mail by Chris Barr

When you have a deadline as to when you need your mailer in homes, how long beforehand should you start your campaign? Typically turnaround time is estimated and the more time that you give yourself to start a campaign, the more stress you can avoid. As you plan a mailer with a time deadline, the best way to achieve the best results without having to rush anything along would be to give yourself enough time to plan for the best results.

There are so many factors that go into timing and when is the best time to begin a mailing campaign. The only way to gauge that is to be aware of your surroundings. Is there anything that you can do to make your mailer more visible and be seen the day it is delivered? There are always deadlines to meet and the more you anticipate it, the more time you can set aside.

If your mailer is an invitation to an event on a specific day, it's best to be in homes about two weeks before, giving you time to make arrangements and your customer can also make suitable arrangements. Direct mailing is effective and since every mailbox in that area will receive a mailer in your area, the more chances that your pieces will be noticed.

As your mailer hits homes, if you have planned ahead, you can anticipate when you should start getting calls. But always remember to add a buffer of time to let your receivers see your mailer and give them enough time to digest your message.

Direct mail is effective if you know how to use it right and when you can optimize all your resources, you can expect a response. Response rate is dependent on many factors and you can increase your response rates by maximizing all the factors that you can control.