Acquisition Email Marketing, Renting a List
Posted On Mar 24, 2016 in Email Marketing by
Acquisition Email MarketingAcquisition emails are typically deployed to a rented email list, consisting of verified, opt-in email addresses owned by a big data company. This type of email behaves very differently from CRM (current customer) email because the recipients do not have an established connection with your brand.

It is, however, an extremely cost-effective way of introducing yourself to new potential customers. Acquisition emails are particularly effective when used in conjunction with other marketing channels such as direct mail.

Multiple deployments are an important part of a successful acquisition email effort. With each subsequent deployment to the same audience, open and click rates increase exponentially, as the audience becomes more familiar with your brand name and offer.

Statistical evidence shows that a multi-channel campaign is most effective when it crosses the digital divide. In other words, the most successful marketing campaigns include both offline and online components.

An example multi-channel, integrated marketing campaign may include: Direct Mail, Acquisition Email, Social Media, TV, Radio, Local Signage, Print Publication Advertisements, and Online Content.

By reaching out to your audience in different ways, it creates familiarity, and in turn, increases the chances of a response.

Multi-channel marketing also solves a huge and often ignored problem:

Consumers are very picky about how they respond and interact.

While some consumers respond at higher rates via digital methods, such as through email, others prefer to respond in more traditional ways, such as by phone or in-person.

When you send the same communications to the same prospects across multiple channels, you cast a wider net. A wider net means more leads, more customers, and more sales.