7 Things EDDM™ Advertisers Need to Know
Posted On Feb 5, 2013 in Advertising and Marketing Agencies by

Every small business owner should use the Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM) program to find new customers and generate sales. Simply put, no other advertising medium delivers more ROI potential for the same price.

But, before you launch your first EDDM™ campaign, make sure you have all of the facts.

  1. There are (2) ways to use EDDM™:
    a. Every Door Direct Mail — Retail® -- You mail at 16¢ postage + production costs + you do all paperwork.
    b. Every Door Direct Mail® — All Inclusive -- One-stop-shopping at EveryDoorDirectMail.com w/ 14.5¢ postage. 
  2. EDDM™ does NOT require a mailing list or permit.
    You target the mailing areas using U-Select (the online mapping tool) and then your pieces deliver to every mailbox within those targeted areas. It's that simple. You don't need a list or mailing permit.
  3. There are no guaranteed response rates.
    As with any form of advertising, your response rate will depend on multiple factors including, but not limited to: Offers, business reputation, competition, design, target audience, timing/seasonality, frequency, and even the weather.
  4. Design is important.
    The moment your mail piece is reviewed, your fate is decided. If your design is interesting, exciting, and compelling - you will likely receive an excellent response. If your design is dull, confusing, or unprofessional - you will likely receive a very limited response. Don't cut corners on the design, always trust an experienced pro. 
  5. The offer is everything.
    If you want somebody to call, click, or purchase -- you should probably give them a reason to do so. Why should an offer recipient choose to do business with you? What are the instant benefits? How much can they save? Is there a FREE trial? What are others saying? How fast can they get it? Sales are driven by offers, period. 
  6. It takes time to design, print, and mail.
    Don't expect to create and launch a direct mail campaign by tomorrow morning. Once your design is "approved" and sent to print, it may take one to two weeks for deliver into homes. Use this time to prepare for the response and put lead follow-up procedures in place. Never let a call, click, or inquiry slip through the cracks - you paid for it!
  7. Track your results.
    What good is spending money on advertising if you don't track the results? Ask a marketing expert at EveryDoorDirectMail.com (877-648-3236) about different ways to track results. At the end of the day you will want to be able to say something to the effect of "For every 1,000 mailers I send out, I receive $XXX.XXX return on investment." Tracking results will enable you to justify the marketing expense and grow your business.