5 Direct Mail Ideas for Lawn Care Service Postcards
Posted On Feb 18, 2013 in How Tos, Templates, & Videos by

Spring is finally here and it's time to start thinking about marketing your business. For those of you with lawn care businesses, a direct mail campaign is crucial for generating new business. A simple campaign can go a long way in acquiring new customers and increasing demand for your services.

Here are five direct mail ideas for lawn care service postcards.

1. Keep the postcard short and sweet

The last thing a busy person wants is a postcard with tons of information to look at. Only include the information that is needed to make your point quickly. This will guarantee the customer you're not wasting their time.

2. Focus on design

By grabbing the attention of the customer it will be more likely they will read the whole postcard. Simple, but attractive graphics and colors will make the postcard easier to look at and keep the customers focus on the design.

3. Offer coupons or deals

Coupons and other offers can definitely set your business apart from others. By offering a coupon for percentage off price or free fertilizing on first visit can make your service more appealing than the rest.

4. Guarantee good service and commit to it

Customers want to know that you are going to do the best job possible. By guaranteeing good service, it reassures the customer that you are the company to use and will do the best job. It will also benefit to cite your BBB rating or any awards associated with your company.

5. Target everyone

You can't be certain who needs lawn care, so send out the postcards to residences and businesses that could possibly need help. The more places they are sent, the more possibilities for new customers. It would help to look at your current customers and mail to the rest of the neighborhoods around them.

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