5 Business Owners and Advertisers Share Their Experience with Direct Mail
Posted On Oct 6, 2017 in Article by Chris Barr
Direct Mail Users
According to the 2017 DMA Response Rate Report, the average marketer now uses 3.4 mediums to communicate with prospects and customers, up from 2.7 in 2016. Some of the most commonly used channels include email, SEM — and yes, direct mail.

While digital marketing options are vast and widespread, they are generally used for building awareness and web traffic. However, marketers still universally rely on direct mail for lead generation and sales.

We asked business owners and advertisers across the U.S. to share their experiences with direct mail.

From tech startups to realtors, here's what several direct mail power-users had to say.


J. LaneJake Lane
Growth Manager, PressCleaners.com
Austin, TX

"I'm the head of growth and marketing for Press, an Austin-based startup that's putting a modern spin on laundry and dry cleaning. We recently just ended a direct mail campaign here in Austin with a small pilot run of over 20,000 mailers in targeted ZIP Codes. Unlike standard brick and mortars, we have the ability to track ROI by driving leads through a specific URL and tracking website traffic for the campaign. We found that direct mail to the right zip codes paired with targeted social media ads provided the best bang for the buck. We were able to recoup our cost and go ROI positive on the campaign by also putting an expiration date on our promo. This entices the recipients to act sooner rather than leaving the mailer in their kitchen drawer, or worse, the trashcan."

Home Buying Expert

E. RobertsEvan Roberts
Owner, Dependable Homebuyers
Baltimore, MD

"Direct mail our primary source of leads and the life blood of our company. While you want to be targeted in your demographics, the most critical part of any direct mail campaign is casting a large net. By consistently sending out more pieces of mail to a large area we are able to increase our chances of receiving a call. Direct mail is a numbers game and a product like EveryDoorDirectMail.com give you the demographic insights you need to produce the highest conversion rate possible with your campaigns."


K. McCannKristina McCann
Owner, Kristina McCann Broker, Inc.
Orinda, CA

"As a Realtor, I am intimately familiar with all kinds of lead generation sources. Although I may purchase leads, my primary long-term marketing efforts all revolve around direct mail. I send customized direct mail pieces out to five separate lists, and repeat this process regularly. You’ve invested so much in each piece that to send it out with anything less than a personalized message is insane. I’ve gotten business, friends and pen pals out of my prospects this way. It takes time but you’re building an actual relationship with the opener of the envelope."


T. BalsigerToby Balsiger
Owner, WebsiteTigers.com
Las Vegas, NV

"I've used direct mail pretty successfully. We use Every Door Direct Mail® postcard advertising for our real estate agents. The most successful campaigns are the typical "Just Sold Near You" campaigns. We send these out after an agent sells a house in the area. We've gotten new listings from these campaigns as many as 14 months after the campaign. It's hard to track every lead, because direct mail is only one portion of our marketing strategy, but I'd say it pays for itself pretty easily. I think a multi-pronged approach, including direct mail, is crucial for any business executing a marketing plan."


M. OrnelasMike Ornelas
Owner, Sacramento-Tax.com
Sacramento, CA

"Direct mail is my go-to marketing method. While some tout the value of social media, email marketing and other digital means, the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. I average a 1% response rate with direct mail. My last mailing was small, 500 pieces that generated ten phone calls, six appointments, and two new clients. While it costs me hundreds of dollars per lead, our average fee is $5,000. That puts my ROI at 10-to-1.