Case Study:
Mosquito Squad nets "hundreds of new customers" with Taradel's EDDM® + Digital Ads service.


Mosquito Squad is a national franchise with over two hundred and twenty-five franchises across the country. The Richmond, Virginia franchise enlisted Taradel's help to identify, target, and reach new customers via direct mail, email, and digital marketing channels.

The Challenge

  • Target the best prospects
  • Use geographic and demographic targeting
  • Create compelling creative for a multi-channel marketing campaign
  • Deploy multiple impressions on the same targeted audience over campaign duration

The Solution

Owner Lee Hatcher and marketing director, Cary Wyatt, chose Taradel® as a marketing partner. "It's one company for direct mail, email, and banner ads," said Wyatt. "You go on a map, you pick which areas you want to target. The Taradel® approach hits the customer wherever they may be — at home, in the car, at work."

Target Audience
  • Within geographic market area
  • Homeowners
  • Family / lifestyle indicators (hidden for privacy)
  • Financial indicators (hidden for privacy)
  • Proximity to bodies of water
Campaign Details
  • Mailed 14,779 EDDM® Postcards
    (3) Separate Mailings
  • Email Marketing to 6,272 Contacts in Target Audience
    (3) Separate Email BLasts
  • Digital Banner Ads
    37, 685 Impressions On Target Audience

"Taradel® does such a wonderful job. From their mailbox to their inbox, we can reach customers anywhere and be on the front of their minds when it comes to decision-making."

- Lee Hatch | Owner Mosquito Squad of Richmond

The Results

  • Immediate response
  • High phone call volume
  • Hundreds of new customers
  • Massive local awareness / branding


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