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The Best Marketing Platform for CPA and Tax Prep Services

Posted On Dec 18, 2017 in Article by Chris Barr
Run a tax or CPA service? Reach thousands of prospects with direct mail offers, email communications, and online digital ads — all with one simple marketing platform.

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How to Create Winning Direct Mail + Email Campaigns

Posted On Dec 18, 2017 in Article by Chris Barr
Short answer: Consistency.

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Great Website

Posted On Dec 12, 2017 in Article by Staff
If you don’t have a great website, you are competing at a disadvantage and missing out on opportunities.

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The Top 7 Every Door Direct Mail Questions

Posted On Dec 6, 2017 in Article by Staff
What is Every Door Direct Mail®? EDDM® is a program created by the United States Postal Service® enabling advertisers to reach every address within targeted carrier routes.

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Postal Carrier Routes: Everything You Need to Know

Posted On Dec 1, 2017 in Every Door Direct Mail by Chris Barr
What Is a Carrier Route? A Postal carrier routes is a group of mailing addresses (i.e. neighborhoods) that receive the same USPS® code.

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