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The Best Marketing Platform for CPA and Tax Prep Services

Posted On Dec 18, 2017 in Article by Chris Barr
Run a tax or CPA service? Reach thousands of prospects with direct mail offers, email communications, and online digital ads — all with one simple marketing platform.

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How To Choose Every Door Direct Mail® or a Targeted Mailing List?

Posted On Feb 7, 2017 in Article by Chris Barr
Let's take a quick look at the differences between the two most popular direct mail options: Every Door Direct Mail® and Targeted Mailing List.

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The SECRET to More Clients that Most Tax Professionals Don't Know About

Posted On Dec 3, 2014 in Blog by Chris Barr
Tax service professionals are really good with numbers and data. But, marketing is about more than just numbers and data. It's about competition, identifying the right customer acquisition channels, and using the creative process to power results.

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The Every Door Direct Mail® Service Explained

Posted On Apr 2, 2014 in Every Door Direct Mail by Chris Barr
A Quick EDDM® Overview There are many direct mail options and services available to advertisers -- just think about the stuff you see in your mailbox every day . From coupon-stuffed envelopes, to catalogs and magazines, the formats and maili

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