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7 Reasons Why You Need a Great Website

Posted On Dec 12, 2017 in Article by Staff
If you don’t have a great website, you are competing at a disadvantage and missing out on opportunities.

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New! EDDM® + Digital Ad Bundles (Video)

Posted On Aug 7, 2017 in Article by Chris Barr
Now you can combine Every Door Direct Mail®, email marketing, and digital display advertising — to get more out of your marketing dollars.

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Customers want to see your menu

Posted On Jun 1, 2016 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr
If you own or manage a pizzeria, you've got to read this. It can have a direct impact on your entire operation -- especially sales.

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Increase Black Friday Sales with Direct Mail Marketing

Posted On Oct 5, 2015 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr
Americans will spend over $45 BILLION during Black Friday this year. Grab your share of these sales with a simple marketing campaign.

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The Most Successful Pizza Shops Use this Super-Obvious Marketing Strategy to Explode Sales

Posted On Jan 6, 2015 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr
Over the years, we've seen many less-than-effective attempts at driving business (listed below for your reading pleasure). You've probably seen some of these...

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How to Increase Pizza Sales During Football Season

Posted On Aug 20, 2014 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr
In a recent survey of football fans (conducted by a national pizza chain), six out of seven fans stated that they plan to...

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Amazing Words that Instantly Boost Sales, Calls, and Clicks

Posted On Aug 8, 2014 in Blog by Chris Barr
You may have noticed that this article's title contains key terms such as...

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EDDM® Marketing: 5 Proven Car Dealership Offer Ideas

Posted On Apr 30, 2014 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr
A smart salesman once said, "A salesman, like the storage battery in your car, is constantly discharging energy. Unless he is recharged at frequent intervals he soon runs dry. This is one of the greatest responsibilities of sales leadership."

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Dealerships Sell More Cars Using Every Door Direct Mail®

Posted On Apr 22, 2014 in Small Business Marketing by Chris Barr
Many auto dealerships in the United States have come to the realization that expensive marketing lists don't always equate to higher car sales. In fact, many dealership GMs would argue that mailing more direct mail offers — to local homeowne

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