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Taradel Helps Businessses Grow (Video)

Posted On Jun 18, 2018 in Video by Chris Barr
Grow your business with our top-rated marketing technology and super-friendly staff.

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Small Business Survey: Direct Mail Generates Highest ROI for Advertisers

Posted On Apr 3, 2018 in Survey by Chris Barr
According to a recent survey conducted by Taradel LLC, direct mail generates the highest return on investment (ROI) for small business advertisers.

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The 3 Best Ways to Track Direct Mail Response Rates

Posted On Jan 11, 2018 in Article by Chris Barr
Tracking direct mail performance is a piece of cake. But, some advertisers still hesitate to get on board because they are intimidated by direct mail.

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[VIDEO] What Is The Average Response Rate for Direct Mail?

Posted On Mar 6, 2017 in Direct Mail by Chris Barr
Chris Barr (Taradel, LLC) explains response rates for Every Door Direct Mail® and Personalized Mail based on the latest reports.

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Direct Mail Response Rates and Statistics from 2015 Research

Posted On Aug 31, 2015 in Direct Mail by Chris Barr
In a digital world, are physical communications and interactions more meaningful than before? Find out now.

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Every Door Direct Mail® Response Tracking

Posted On Feb 3, 2015 in Every Door Direct Mail by Chris Barr
Tracking is critical to the success and quantification of your direct mail campaign results. It will tell you what worked -- and what did not.

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Direct Mail Marketing: How Your PCE Determines Your ROI (Plus, get a Freebie!)

Posted On Dec 9, 2014 in Blog by Chris Barr
As with all forms of marketing, your ROI (return on investment) is determined by your PCE (preparation, creative, and execution).

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