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[VIDEO] What Is The Average Response Rate for Direct Mail?

Posted On Mar 6, 2017 in Direct Mail by Chris Barr
Chris Barr (Taradel, LLC) explains response rates for Every Door Direct Mail® and Personalized Mail based on the latest reports.

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Direct Mail Response Rates and Statistics from 2015 Research

Posted On Aug 31, 2015 in Direct Mail by Chris Barr
In a digital world, are physical communications and interactions more meaningful than before? Find out now.

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Improve Your Direct Mail Response Rates with Powerful Headlines

Posted On Dec 31, 2014 in Direct Mail by Chris Barr
Quite often, advertisers and business owners put the majority of their time and energy into the wrong places when it comes to direct mail. For example, I've seen many advertisers obsess over the...

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What Response Rate Will You Get with EDDM® (VIDEO)

Posted On Jan 17, 2014 in How Tos, Templates, & Videos by Chris Barr
Chris Barr, director of Marketing for Taradel LLC, discusses "response rates" and getting the most out of Every Door Direct Mail® campaigns. Get started at What Direct Mail Response

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