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Postal Carrier Routes: Everything You Need to Know

Posted On Dec 1, 2017 in Every Door Direct Mail by Chris Barr
What Is a Carrier Route? A Postal carrier routes is a group of mailing addresses (i.e. neighborhoods) that receive the same USPS® code.

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How To Choose Every Door Direct Mail® or a Targeted Mailing List?

Posted On Feb 7, 2017 in Article by Chris Barr
Let's take a quick look at the differences between the two most popular direct mail options: Every Door Direct Mail® and Targeted Mailing List.

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Political direct mail is thriving

Posted On May 18, 2016 in Political Direct Mail by Chris Barr
According to Politico, a leading website focused on political news, campaigns, Congress, lobbyists, and issues -- political direct mail is thriving.

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Quick Comparison: Every Door Direct Mail® vs. Mailing Lists

Posted On Apr 14, 2014 in Every Door Direct Mail by Chris Barr
The Pros and Cons of Every Door Direct Mail® Every Door Direct Mail® is a simplified and affordable direct mail service offered by the USPS® that empowers advertisers with a more cost-efficient way to saturate local neighborhoods and

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