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The 3 Best Ways to Track Direct Mail Response Rates

Posted On Jan 11, 2018 in Article by Chris Barr
Tracking direct mail performance is a piece of cake. But, some advertisers still hesitate to get on board because they are intimidated by direct mail.

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How to design your own amazing direct mail campaign

Posted On Dec 3, 2015 in Article by Chris Barr
From my experience, which spans over ten years as an integrated marketing specialist, creating a winning direct mail campaign boils down to seven specific items.

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5 Examples of Every Door Direct Mail® Offers that REALLY Work!

Posted On Jan 7, 2015 in How Tos, Templates, & Videos by Chris Barr
Nearly every successful business uses direct mail. But not every offer REALLY works. So, what is the difference between a god offer and a bad offer?

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