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How to Grow Your Church, Reach New Members, and Find Outreach Success

Posted On Mar 6, 2015 in Non-Profit by Chris Barr
What is the largest evangelical church in the United States? How do churches grow quickly using outreach?

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Evangelical Church Outreach with Every Door Direct Mail

Posted On Mar 4, 2015 in Non-Profit by Chris Barr
Outreach is all about connecting with your local community. It's about awareness, education, and invitation. The goal is to...

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The Easiest Way to Grow Your Church

Posted On May 20, 2014 in Non-Profit by Chris Barr
You might be surprised to learn that 73% of people who do not attend church regularly have actually never been invited.

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Church Outreach Postcards and Common Fears About Attendance

Posted On May 14, 2014 in Non-Profit by Chris Barr
Learn about the top barriers which prevent new members from attending your church, and how a simple direct mail postcard can breakthrough these roadblocks.

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Why Every Door Direct Mail® is Perfect for Church Outreach

Posted On Apr 24, 2014 in Non-Profit by Chris Barr
When it comes to church outreach programs, nothing delivers the same level of impact or visibility as direct mail. Sure, you can spend a fortune on television and radio communications. Heck, spending funds is the easy part. But in reality, church

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