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Fundraising Direct Mail Campaigns:

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Non-Profit Direct Mail: A Success Story

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When responding to crisis situations, non-profits have a very narrow window of time to gain support, raise funds, and take action. 

Back in 2010, the  National Wildlife Federation had to act quickly in response to the Gulf Coast oil spill. The non-profit organization was able to quickly launch a direct mail fundraising campaign while the environmental destruction was still occurring. 

According to a USPS publication, the NWF had organized and launched a direct mail campaign, of 846,000 pieces, to its members. The campaign focused on one powerful message: "OIL SPILL CRISIS ALERT, HOW YOU CAN HELP."

The campaign delivered quickly and helped the NWF generate an incredible 2.5% response rate to assist with crisis response and cleanup operations at the ground level.

Now, you're organization can use the same high-powered direct mail programs to gain support, increase awareness, and launch highly-effective fundraising campaigns within targeted areas.

Non-Profit Direct Mail: Did You Know?

Non-profit organizations must meet the USPS criteria to obtain discounted postage rates. Here are 3 things every non-profit should know before launching an Every Door Direct Mail™ fundraising campaign.

  1. You must have an authorized USPS Non-Profit Authorization number to qualify for discounted postage rates.
  2. You CAN NOT launch a non-profit EDDM™ Retail campaign at your local USPS.
  3. You must use a service that distributes mail pieces via a USPS BMEU

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